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Charcoal, Barbeque

Premium Quality Charcoal
Egyptian CASUARINAS CHARCOAL is known internationally for its advantage in grill BBQ for its appropriate temperature for BBQ.
Also the lack of ash, which is a quick ignition coal and does not result in sparks, smoke or smells and has a distinctive flavor in meat.
BBQ Charcoal
  • BBQ Charcoal
  • BBQ Charcoal
  • BBQ Charcoal

Product Name: Hard wood Charcoal for Barbeque

Origin: Egypt

HS Code:  

Wood type: Big Trees (Casuarinas)

Shape: Irregular Shape, light easily, long time burning

Using: Restaurant for BBQ

Burning Time: 2 – 3 Hours

Grade: A Only

Sizes: 3 Cm up

Length: 3 cm to 28 cm

Diameter / Thickness: 3 cm to 10 cm

Fixed Carbon: 75%

Moisture Level: 7%

Ash Contents: 3.6%

Heating Level: Kcal/kg 6800

Volatile Matter: 13.5%

Burning Time: 980 sec / cm 3.

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