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Citrus- Navel Orange

Navel Orange

Egyptian Citrus
GEO Exporting is one of the leading suppliers in Egypt for Exporting navel orange because we have wide experience in the field of fresh Fruits, that is why we care for the Quality to be always at our customer`s satisfaction.
A Navel Orange is a special type of oranges which has a little surprise inside once it is peeled: a partially formed undeveloped fruit like a conjoined twin, located at the blossom end of the fruit. From outside, the blossom end is reminiscent of a human navel, leading to the common name of "Navel Orange".
"The Most common variety of orange that is eaten, Sweet, seedless, Delicious in Salads."
Navel Oranges are primarily grown for human consumption for various reasons: their thicker skin makes them easy to peel, they are less juicy and their bitterness – a result of the high concentrations of limonin and other limonoids – renders them less suitable forjuice.
Citrus Navel Orange By GEO EXPORTING
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Varieties: Navel Oranges 

HS Code: 080510

Origin: Egypt

Sizes: 32,48, 56, 64, 72, 80 , 88, 100 mm

Waxed and Treated with: T.B.Z & O.P.P

Color: 90:99%

Grade: A

Container Capacity: 40 (feet) 

PACKING: Telescopic carton 15kg (N.W) / Open Top Carton 7.5kg (N.W) / Plastic Box

AVAILABILITY: From December till March

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