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Citrus- Valencia Orange

Valencia Orange

High Premium Quality
We are pleased to introduce our Farm`s Valencia Orange, it is the most widely planted in the world. The size for one fruit is medium large, having few seeds, with a thin peel and Full of sweet juices. A medium orange of any variety has about 60 calories , provides 116% of the daily value of vitamin C; 13% of dietary fiber; 10% folate; 8% thiamin; 7% potassium; 6% vitamin A; and 5% calcium.
Before exporting, our products checked carefully one by one and must pass the final inspection before shipment. 
''All our products are fresh & natural.''

Golden and Red Onion
  • Golden and Red Onion
  • Golden Onion
  • Red Onion

Variety: Valencia 

HS Code: 080510

Origin: Egypt

Sizes: 42,48, 56 , 64 , 72 , 80 , 88 , 100, 113,125 mm

Waxed and Treated with: T.B.Z & O.P.P

Valencia Color: 90:99%

Grade: A

Availability: From 15th January till May

Transporting Temperature: +2°C up to +5° C as per distance.

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