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There are 7 Reasons that would make you import Egyptian Orange

  1. Egypt succeeded in exporting the first shipments of the new season of Egyptian orange to the Brazilian market, in cooperation with the Brazilian Embassy in Cairo.
  2. Egyptian exports of oranges recorded almost 1.4M tons in the current season.
  3. Currency devaluation, improved quality, and a surge in Chinese demand lift Egypt into the number one position.
  4. Japan allowed the Egyptian government to export citrus fruits after long negotiations between the two sides.
  5. Orange Egypt Tops All MENA Brands and Hit Unprecedented Global Ranking.
  6. The quality of imported Egyptian oranges improves.
  7. Contains vitamin A and is a source of sodium-potassium magnesium copper sulfur chlorine.

GEO Exporting is one of the largest Egyptian orange suppliers, and exporters, especially in Valencia orange and Navel orange. And we export according to European food hygiene standards and standards by not containing pesticide residues, So we can provide any required quantities of oranges.

Specifications & Details

Product NameOrange
TypeValencia / Navel / Balady
Net Weight 15 KG
Gross Weight 16 KG

Net Weight 7 KG 
Gross Weight 8 KG
One Container 40 ft24.96 Ton on 21 Pallet
PackingOpen-Top, Telescopic Carton or Plastic Box

Egyptian orange varieties:

1- Valencia Orange Supplier

The following is a Description Of Valencia Orange Supplier:
Egyptian Navel Oranges by GEO Exporting GEO Farms Brand Citrus
Egyptian Navel Oranges by GEO Exporting GEO Farms Brand Citrus

Are characterized by the growth of a second fruit at the apex, which protrudes slightly and resembles a human navel.

Also, Egyptian oranges are primarily grown for human consumption for various reasons: their thicker skin makes them easy to peel, they are less juicy, and their bitterness – a result of the high concentrations of limonin and other limonoids – renders them less suitable for juice.

So Their widespread distribution and long growing season have made navel oranges very popular.

Navel Oranges Today

Continue to be propagated through cutting and grafting, But as a result, This does not allow for the usual selective breeding methodologies,

and so all navel oranges can be fruits from that single,

And it’s a nearly two-hundred-year-old tree.

We Are Always Ready For Tomorrow With Today`s Best Quality.

GEO exporting works effectively in the Egyptian orange market, and you strive daily for compliance with European international standards.

We will be honored to serve you at any time.

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