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Orange Citrus exporter

Orange Citrus exporter like "GEO EXPORTING" strive smartly and hardly to satisfy your need, please read our questions and answers to understand more about our citrus export steps.

Egyptian orange exports

Orange Citrus exporter

Egypt is currently the world's biggest exporter of oranges

According to the country's Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, the export of citrus fruit was most significant, with 1,8 million tons exported in 2021. Egypt is currently the world's biggest exporter of oranges, which account for around 80% of its total citrus production.

Egyptian Orange top export
Egyptian Orange top export

GEO Exporting Co. exported a volume of fresh Oranges last year was 500 MT, compared to 2020 which was 610 MT. We expect a higher volume to be targeted above 1000 Metric Tons per season.

How do we prepare our oranges as an orange citrus exporter?

As an orange citrus exporter what makes you import through us?

We are proving our "Extra grade A" Quality without hesitation to build a long-term business with our clients, besides that; we are in the field of exporting since 2012 with wide and condensed experience.

Furthermore, when it comes to Quality it will be our company always.

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What documents do we need from you?

To make an orange container ready for you we will need the following documents:

  • Import permission from your importing country.
  • Active Trade license
  • Valid taxpayer certificate

How long it takes to ship a single container?

We are preparing a full 40ft reefer container within an hour including the official papers from Food Safety, Egypt Plant quarantine, and Phytosanitary Certificate.

As an orange citrus exporter, What is our Payment term?

Our payment term as an orange citrus exporter is 50% Bank transfer and the remaining 50% upon delivering the Bill of Lading document to you.

Navel Orange Season in Egypt

Navel oranges are the first oranges on the market, and the Egyptian orange export season starts middle of December and lasts through mid-February plus this year's crop is good quality and juicy.

Valencia Orange Season in Egypt

Valencia Oranges from Egypt have a long ripening season and are available from December up till the end of June. they are also perfect for citrus juice.

Baladi Orange Season in Egypt

A variety of Egyptian orange exports are available for Baladi Oranges, which are used only for juice beside it has the same taste as Valencia oranges, it has a higher Brix level and is available from December to January.

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