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Top 5 reasons to import Egyptian IQF frozen vegetables

1- The obvious benefit is preservation.

Keeping food fresh is only one benefit of freezing, but frozen vegetables also provide a preservative quality that many people are aware of.

The shelf life of frozen vegetables is significantly longer than that of fresh foods. Bulk buyers value this quality as it means your product will be preserved for a longer period of time.

2- Customers can benefit from the nutritional benefits of frozen vegetables

The trust is that certain foods are more nutritionally beneficial for your customers if they have been IQF frozen. This is because IQF frozen vegetables are still fresh. as long as it is defrosted appropriately, it is as healthy as using fresh food.

In other words, frozen vegetables contain fewer additives such as preservatives, salts, and sodium, than fresh foods. They also retain all their vitamins and minerals.

3- IQF Frozen Vegetables are Cheaper in the Price than Fresh Foods

According to a recent National Restaurant Association survey, 96% of table service businesses and 100% of quick-service businesses use frozen food. Frozen vegetables offer both excellent quality and outstanding operational advantages over fresh.

4- Available around the Year

The preservative properties of frozen foods allow you to keep them fresh no matter the season.

5- Quality Maintained

Quality is just high as fresh foods.

The following seven frozen vegetables are produced by us

Frozen Molokhia

400 gram - Carton takes 8 KG

Frozen Broccoli

400 gram - Carton takes 8 KG

Frozen Spinach

400 gram - Carton takes 8 KG

Frozen Okra

400 gram - Carton takes 8 KG

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