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Frozen Veg/Frozen Broccoli

Frozen Broccoli

Egyptian Vegetables
Broccoli can enhance the immune function of organisms, the cauliflower contain vitamin C. More importantly, it can improve the immune function of the human body, promote liver detoxification and enhance the people's physique, increases. The disease-resistant ability.
We Export Broccoli to any Country according to European food hygiene standards - Broccoli for export – Egyptian Broccoli exporters. We always make sure that our products are of the highest quality in order to maintain our reputation first and in order to satisfy our customers .
Broccoli by GEO FARMS 400 gram
  • Broccoli GEO FARMS 400gm by GEO Exporting.png

Varieties:  Frozen Broccoli.

HS Code: 070410

Origin: Egypt

Color: Natural Green

Size: 10 - 30 cm, 20 -30 cm.

Container Capacity: 40 (feet) .


  • 10 Kg Foam Boxes
  • (1×10 Kg / 4×2.5 Kg/ 10x 1 Kg / 20x400 gm)

Or as per your requirements

SEASON: Available all year round.

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