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Frozen Veg/Frozen Mixed Vegetables

Frozen Mixed Vegetables

Egyptian Vegetables
Frozen mixed vegetables are simple and convenient to prepare.
Benefits: They are a healthful way to keep your vegetable intake up during the winter when fresh produce is not as readily available. Most mixed vegetables include "peas, green beans, and carrots".
Vegetables are usually frozen immediately after harvesting, they generally retain many of their nutrients. Additionally, while frozen peas and carrots were lower in beta carotene, no significant difference was observed between frozen and fresh green beans.
Mixed Vegetables
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Mixed Vegetables

Varieties:  Frozen Mixed Vegetables.

Forms of product:

  • Mixed vegetables include: "peas, green beans, and carrots".

Origin: Egypt

Color: Natural Color

Container Capacity: 40 (feet) .


  • Carton (Net weight 8 Kg) takes 20 Packet X 400 gm.
  • Carton (Net weight 10 Kg) takes 4 Packet X 2.5 Kg.

- 40ft Container takes 2900 cartons, each Pallet takes 145 Cartons.

- 20ft Container takes 1225 cartons. each pallet takes 123 Cartons.

Or as per your requirements.

SEASON: Available all year round.

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