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Have been specializing in fruits, citrus, and vegetables since 2012, and we have built global relationships with supermarket chains.

The hottest product of the season!

Citrus is being exported NOW!!!

Navel Oranges

From Dec to Mar

Valencia Orange

From Jan To Jun

Adalia Lemon

From Oct To Feb
GEO Exporting Egyptian Adalia Lemon

Honey Murcott Spanish

From Jan to Mar

Fremont (Mandarins)

From Dec to Feb


From Nov To Dec
high Quality products
Be sure that the quality of our products will exceed your expectations ... We offer our best products not only to meet your requests, but to impress you with the quality of our Egyptian products and our company, so we look forward to working continuously with you.
Competitive prices
We offer competitive prices to our customers because the profit is not only money, but continuous business relations, so we offer you competitive prices in a way that does not affect the quality of our various products.
As an Egyptian exporter company. We have many trade agreements with most countries of the world, and this provides the preference for dealing with them in a manner that achieves more stability and safety.
After-sales service
Geo Exporting provides to all its customers with after-sales service,
because your satisfaction is our main goal.
We are looking forward to establish a sustainable relationship with our various customers around the world.
We comply with international regulations


High Quality appears from past Experience 
Fresh & Frozen Fruits, and Vegetables from Egypt.
Global GAP is a farm assurance and an international Certificate which provided to all coded farms.
Fresh & Frozen Fruits, and Vegetables from Egypt.
BRC Certificate for "Sorting and packing Station" it is an international Certificate which guarantee a international standard packing method
Fresh & Frozen Fruits, and Vegetables from Egypt.
Agriculture and Food HACCP Certification
Enhance your food safety management and product quality with an HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification from SGS. 

Are there any advantages to importing from Egypt?

Central Location

Egypt has coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea, the River Nile, and the Red Sea. Also Suez Canal make from Egypt very important way to pass all ships all over the world.
Trade Agreement with Egypt

Trade Agreements

Egypt has Competitive Advantage thru many Agreement with most of the world which make it free of customs and tax free.
A green farm with trees and palms and hay suited by the Nile river in Egypt

Agricultural Side

The Nile River make all Egypt`s land very fertile. 
Egypt has 10.3 Million  Acres of Agriculture land.

Affordable Prices

Labor Cost in Egypt is not high which reflect to our exported products`s price and make it low Cost.
egypt flag
4 Advantages of Importing


International trade agreements
Egypt has many international trade agreements, which means zero customs.
Zero customs means more profit for you.
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