Export citrus lemon

Export citrus lemon from GEO Exporting in Egypt guarantees premium quality.

Export citrus lemon

Export Citrus lemon from us has many benefits

Branding and reputation

We are a leading citrus fruit exporter in Egypt since we have connections with many supermarkets around the globe.

In addition, our Brand GEO FARMS has a good following in Norway, Germany, Africa, and some GCC countries, like lemon.

Quality behind Branding

As a team of GEO Exporting, we work with registered farms so that our branding can develop to export citrus worldwide with a continuous growth; such as obtaining a GLOBAL GAP, ISO 9001 and FDA licenses so as to ensure our citrus importers are connected and linked properly throughout the world.

We Export citrus lemon to Supermarkets and wholesalers

To do business with supermarkets and wholesales, we need a strong and experienced exporter who can maintain quality products so we are able to establish a sustainable relationship with our customers, as well as allow our potential citrus lemon importers to trust us and grow with us.

As well, we ensure sufficient citrus lemon is kept on hand to supply supermarket orders at an accurate time, and this is a result of our relationship with GEO exporting, who work closely with us on a weekly basis.

Egyptian lemons citrus are exported to many factories in Europe and Asia

We export citrus lemon from Egypt are not only sold to restaurants, super markets, and wholesalers, but also to juice factories which make juice from fruits like Egyptian oranges.

There are very few seeds in the adalia lemon egypt variety. These lemons have a bright yellow skin, yellow flesh, thick, white pith, and contain a small amount of seeds.

Export citrus lemon
Egyptian lemon for Export

Biggest citrus lemon exporter in Egypt

Weather in Egypt helps us to Export our lemon in accordance with European standards.


Variety:Adalia, Eureka
Packing:15kg in a Standard TSCP-Carton.
Container load:The 40th ft container takes 24 MT with 20 pallets or 21 pallets as requested by the customer.
Container Capacity:Takes 1600 Carton
Export citrus lemon
Egyptian Lemon

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GEO exporting Export lemon in compliance with European international standards daily in the Egyptian market.

We will be glad to assist you if you let us know when you are available.

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Export Egyptian citrus

Export Egyptian citrus


Reasons to import GEO_FARMS Citrus!

Branding and reputation ®

GEO EXPORTING considers a leading exporter in Egypt as we are linked with many supermarkets all around the world, beside that our Brand ® GEO FARMS are well known in Norway, Germany, Africa, and some GCC Countries. This reputation comes after 10 years of dedicated and hard work with a positive and responsive team.

Quality behind Branding

Always Quality comes first; we as a team of GEO Exporting dealing with registered farms to allow our branding grow up for export citrus worldwide with a continueally grow; such as obtained a GLOBAL GAAP, ISO 9001 certificate associated with FDA License to make sure we are connected and linked in a right way with our citrus importers worlwide.

Supermarkets and wholesalers

We strive hard to maintain our Quality products in order to get a reputed way which allows our customers for a sustainable relationship with them, besides giving the opportunity to our potential importers to trust in us and help them grow their citrus business.

Also, we maintain enough quantities of citrus to serve supermarkets orders at an accurate time and this all rely back on GEO exporting team who work sincerely with us.

Export Citrus to many Factories in Europe and Asia

We export citrus not only for resturants, supermatkets, and wholesalers but also for Juice factories who convert the fruit such Egyptian orange into a juice and this lead us into the difference between all citrus categories we export from Egypt.

Will shed light first on our foodie product such Navel Oranges or Navel orange which is Considered seedless and sometimes has a few seeds which is perfect for factories to convert it into juice but also we there is a nother competitive one which we consider it our Major citrus fruit and called "Valencia Oranges or Valencia Orange" which unlikely has few seeds counting from 3 up to 5 seeds with a max of 7 seeds inside; mostly we export it to germany, singapore, and finland. (Attached photo below for Orange in Binz 600 kg).

Export Egyptian citrus

We export citrus in Different variety


Previously, we discussed orange in two categories; Valencia orange and Navel orange.

Please be aware that Navel oranges are shipped with a maximum of 25 Days and not more, as they are quite sensitive, whereas Valencia oranges can be shipped in containers for more than 60 days without any defects.


Yummy and perfect for salad, Juice, and resturants, our Citrus lemon popular for two varieties, the first one "Adalia Lemon" and second one "Eureka Lemon" both are perfect egyptian citrus lemon you could import without hesitation as we are always in your back and help you drawing a satisfiction smile on your end customers.

We are dealing with related and reputed farms in behaira desert to maintane a high qualtity of Citrus lemon and citrus orange, so no need to worry if your order is 100 container or more during the citrus season.


Oh waw! our beautiful citrus fruit comes in shy red color covering the external shape of it, we found a a huge responsive and orders from our citrus importers on our grapefruit especially on "Star Ruby" variety.

We pack it on a 15kg TSCP Carton or 15kg Open-Top Carton and ship it inside a reefer container with a max weight of 24.96MT same as orange and lemon. (or as per customer request).

Export Egyptian citrus l Mandarins

Growing in Egypt with two different varieties; Honey Spanish Morkett and Fremont, both are good, juicy, and so tasty, besides they contain a high Brix.

Export Citrus Egyptian Lemon
Egyptian Lemon
Export Egyptian citrus

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GEO exporting fresh Egyptian citrus comply with European international standards daily in the Egyptian market.

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