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In the beginning, it was a dream and a goal for our family to enter the agricultural field and already in 1955 our family started the business of domestic trading during 1981 we owned the first piece of land and we reclaimed and planted it with various agricultural crops.
GEO Exporting, are a Family Business a joint liability Company. Sons of the Agriculture Engineer "Shawky Abdelmalek" who cultivate in us the passion for agriculture by developing it, not only locally but in order to grow and to become one of the largest exporters of agricultural crops, fruits, and vegetables.

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We strive to provide our clients with the Highest Quality all the time.
Our team truly believes that when your passion is growing the produce, the rest simply comes naturally.

We care about our customer`s expectations by supplying superior quality & engagement with reliable prices in a timely manner.
Also, we Focus on being a leading merchant export of Agriculture Crops, Energy, and minerals.
We are Following international standards and procedures in a cost-effective manner.

Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Vision

We strive to be a public joint Stock company in Egypt in near future.


We are committed to Quality as a way of life Through Continuous Improvement in Customer Satisfaction.


Our short-term Business Goal is to increase our Market share from exporting by increasing the sales volumes.
Our Long-term strategy by 2025 we plan to establish 2 Branches, 1st in USA and 2nd in Oman

Social Responsibility

GEO`s Policy refers to our commitment as an organization beyond our core business objectives, as a responsible and ethical participant in the Global community. We recognize that as a company, we have an impact on the world in which we live and the people we interact with. Our actions impact our employees, our customers, and our suppliers. Recognizing the interest of the stakeholders.

Our Timeline


Starting Our Business

Our Family's Passion for domestic trade appeared by establishing a small firm for trading vegetables by Eng/ Shawky Abdelmalek


Purchase 1st Farm

We owned the first piece of land in Al-Mansoura City and we reclaimed and planted it with various agricultural crops.



Started to trade domestically on BBQ Charcoal, Silica Sand (Quartz), and other minerals.


International Trade

Today we are using all our vast experience by establish an international trade company to export our products all over the world.
We already dealt with many customers from different countries.
Also we are monitoring our product`s Quality and trying to improve it.

We Are A Member Of

General Organization For Export & Import Control

Export License No: 600007140

Internal trade Development Authority

Reg No: 148290

Ministry of trade and Industry

Reg No: 03917

Chamber of Commerce

Reg No: 03917

Egyptian Tax Authority

Reg No: 609064444

Agriculture Export Council  

Reg No: 3990

Egyptian Food Safety Authority


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