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The Journey of Egyptian Onions

Egyptian Onions

Welcome to GEO FARMS™, a proud brand of GEO EXPORTING. We specialize in bringing the finest Egyptian onions to the global market. Our commitment to quality and excellence shines through in every onion we grow, harvest, and export. Join us as we take you on a journey from the fertile fields of Egypt to your kitchen table.

Egyptian Onions بصل مصري للتصدير

Cultivation: The Beginning of Excellence

At GEO FARMS™, the journey of our Egyptian onions begins in the rich, fertile soils of Egypt. The climate here is perfect for growing onions, with abundant sunshine and the right balance of nutrients in the soil. Our experienced farmers use sustainable farming practices to ensure that each onion plant receives the best care from seedling to maturity.

We choose the best onion varieties to match the market demand for golden onions and red onions. Each variety is planted with precision, ensuring optimal growth conditions. Regular monitoring and the use of natural fertilizers help us maintain the health and vitality of our crops.

Harvesting: Timing is Everything

Harvesting onions is an art that requires perfect timing. At GEO FARMS™, we wait until our onions have reached peak maturity. Specifically, this is when they have the best flavor, texture, and nutritional value.

Our farmers carefully harvest the onions by hand to ensure that each one is handled with care. This meticulous process helps us maintain the integrity of Egyptian onions, minimizing bruising and damage. Once harvested, the onions are transported to our state-of-the-art processing facilities.

Processing: Ensuring Quality and Freshness

At our processing facilities, the journey of our onions continues. Here, each batch undergoes rigorous quality checks. Our team of experts inspects Egyptian onions for size, color, and overall quality, Only the best onions make it past this stage.

We have invested in modern technology to clean, sort, and package our onions efficiently.The onions are cleaned thoroughly to remove any soil and debris, They are then sorted according to size and quality to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Packaging: Tailored to Your Needs

GEO FARMS™ offers a variety of packaging options to cater to the diverse requirements of our global clientele.

Whether you need bulk shipments for industrial use or smaller packages for retail, we have the perfect solution.

Our packaging process ensures that Egyptian onions remain fresh and protected during transit. We use high-quality materials that preserve the onions’ natural flavor and extend their shelf life. Each package is labeled clearly with all necessary information, including the variety, weight, and country of origin.

Exporting: From Egypt to the World

With GEO EXPORTING, you can be confident that our onions will reach you in perfect condition, no matter where you are in the world. Our logistics team coordinates with reliable shipping partners to ensure timely and efficient delivery.

We comply with international export standards and regulations, providing all necessary documentation to facilitate smooth customs clearance. Our dedication to customer satisfaction means we go the extra mile to ensure your order arrives on time and meets your expectations.

Conclusion: From Our Fields to Your Table

The journey of our Egyptian onions is a testament to the dedication and expertise of everyone at GEO EXPORTING. From the careful cultivation in Egypt's fertile fields to the meticulous harvesting, processing, and packaging, we ensure that every onion we deliver is of the highest quality.

When you choose GEO EXPORTING, you are choosing excellence, reliability, and the rich flavors of Egypt. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can serve your needs. Whether you're a wholesaler, retailer, or individual, we are here to bring the best of Egyptian onions to your table.


WhatsApp: +201112456632


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Why all love carrots?

How to Grow Carrots?

Most gardeners find carrots challenging to grow, but everyone enjoys them when they are sweet and crunchy. and this due their full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support immunity; support heart, kidney, and liver health; and provide other health benefits, making them an excellent addition to your diet. 

They're low-calorie and versatile snacks, too. You can easily add carrots to your diet for a tasty and nutritious treat, like a healthier bread or dessert.

What makes us one of Egypt's leading carrot exporters?

Before we go through details about us, you must know that carrots consider a sensitive product to temperature and other factors and from here you will have to figure out some tools to defeat anything kill your quality.

At GEO EXPORTING Quality is Everything that is why we use innovated carrot`s lines with with Hydro-cooler system to extend the shelf life of the product and give it freshness at customer arrival.

Plus we do have a polished to give a smooth shape to the carrot.

Hydro-Cooled & Polished Carrots to Ireland


We match between Certificates and actual quality comments we receive from our existing & New customers.

When it comes to Quality we have to understand the volume of responsibility at our carrot facility starting from staff hygiene ending with loading carrots into the reefer containers.

Branded Carrot PP Bag from Egypt

Egyptian Carrots Sizer

In addition to using an "electronical carrot sizer machine," we have customized sizes based on instructions from our clients.

Carrots Packaging

We have 2 main carrots Packaging as follows:

Jumbo Bags

Our Jumbo Bags are custom made with treated materials that isolate moisture, water, and allow for exact air match. Jumbo weight up to 1500 MT per Jumbo and container takes 20 Jumbo inside.

10kg polypropylene "PP" Bags

Carrots Shelf Life

Our Carrots are Hydro-Cooled and Polished with advanced Polisher; we used to use those type of innovated methods to extend the shelf life of the carrots plus giving a freshness type upon arrival at our customers port. and here comes a huge question;

What is the difference between Hydro-Cooler & Pre-Cooling?

Hydro-Cooled Carrots

Generally Hydro-Cooler consider a main part of our machine as it gives each carrot the exact temperature needed and remove any unneeded humidity, that is why machine is so expensive in price because it do an accurate work.

High level of disinfection in food cooling.
The final quality of a perishable food product and its commercial lifespan are determined by the hygienic-sanitary conditions present in the process of handling and preserving it. The more microbiological load there is in the various phases on the food and on its surface, the faster its decomposition speed will be. Therefore, the quality of the water in the hydro-cooling (cold water jet tunnel) is also fundamental in determining the final quality of the product, as it is one of the final phases of the manipulation process. Ozone is used to achieve two main objectives:

Sprinkle the food with ozonated water to disinfect its surface reduce the microbiological load present in the recirculated water, which can constitute a hotbed of infection or in any case a volume of development of bacteria and germs.


Is refrigerator to get the required temperature needed for the carrots.

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Egyptian carrots

Egyptian carrots

Why should you import Egyptian carrots?

You should import our Egyptian carrots for many different reasons as follows;

1. Soil Quality

Egyptian Soil It is characterized by its quality reflection on the carrot's shape, taste, and hardness.

2. Egyptian carrots have a Competitive Price

Our Egyptian Carrot prices are considered competitive compared to Turkish prices concerning the quality maintained.

3. Long Shelf Life for our Egyptian carrots

When dealing with supermarkets and retailers, they prefer the long shelf life which is a big advantage for as the carrot's shelf life is more than 3 Months if stored in a cooling place.

And want to hint that the Egyptian Carrot's shelf life depends on the Quality of the seeds.

4. Seeds Quality

We are using Holand seeds after noticing that our customers have a high demand for them.

It is "Jerada RZ" F1- Hybrid we prefer to use these seeds, especially because treatment of Maxim 480FS: fludioxonil / Apron XL.

Packing and Packaging

Our packing house is the place where we wash, sort manuals, and pack in different packaging types such as; PP Bags, Cartons (not usually used), and Jumbo Bags.

Packing House for Egyptian Carrots

A quick view of our packing house to have an idea of it.

Container Load

Usually, we load our Egyptian carrots almost 26MT on 18 Pallets to allow the carrots to breathe and reach the ultimate Quality by allowing the airflow between bags with no blocks, herein below a one of our container loading.

There are many Health Benefits of Carrots

Just one large carrot (one cup) can provide 100% of the daily target for vitamin A. This important nutrient (which acts as a cell-protective antioxidant) may even help protect against cancer, age-related macular degeneration, and measles. A deficiency of vitamin A can lead to a condition called xerophthalmia, which can damage normal vision and result in night blindness.

National Institutes of Health. Vitamin A and carotenoids.

The vitamin A you get from carrots comes from two carotenoids called alpha-carotene and beta-carotene. But these aren't the only nutrients in carrots that are important for vision. The antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin found in carrots also enhance eye health. These two natural compounds protect the retina and lens.

Contact us

WhatsApp: +201112456632 or you can click the link to take you directly to whatsApp

Email us: | | finance@geo-exporting

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Spunta Potatoes

What is the export country?

EGYPT is the export country for French Fries Spunta Potatoes and grown by GEO FARMS.

Why to import Egyptian potatoes (Pomme de Terre)?

There are 6 Different reasons makes you import our Egyptian Spunta potatoes as follows;

Our Spunta Potatoes' environment and planting methods make it suitable for fries and provide you with crunchy french fries.

Pomme de terre

While all sorts of potatoes are delicious when roasted in the oven, SPUNTA potatoes are arguably the best potatoes for roasting for many reasons. SPUNTA have the perfect amount of starch, which means they soften well in the oven, while their partially waxy texture helps them maintain their shape.

The crispness and endurance are insane, and these french fries are still crispy even after they’ve gone cold.

Our Spunta Potatoes can be stored at room temperature for 3 months and in reefer storage with good ventilation for up to 6 months, this is the SECRET of our Product.

People always say that; Eyes eat before mouth, and this happens with our Spunta Pomme de terre (Patats).

Spunta Potatoes from Egypt

The tubers are large, long-oval, very uniform with excellent taste. The color of the skin and flesh is deep yellow. High dry matter content.

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الفراولة المصرية

الفراولة المصرية

هل الفراولة المصرية جيدة؟

الفراولة هي مصدر جيد للكربوهيدرات، منخفضة السعرات الحرارية، ولذيذة، فهي خيار جيد. تحتوي الفراولة على نسبة أعلى من فيتامين C مقارنة بالحمضيات الأخرى

نحن في جيو إكسبورتنج نستخدم مراقبة الجودة وضمان الجودة لدينا من أجل تصدير المنتجات التي تمثل مصر واسمنا .المشهور

نلقي بعض الضوء على مظهر الفراولة الخارجي

.الفراولة هي فاكهة حمراء صغيرة طرية وعصيرية وتحتوي على بذور صفراء صغيرة على قشرتها

ما هو شكل ثمرة الفراولة الطازجة؟

هناك أشكال عديدة لفاكهة الفراولة الطازجة المزروعة، منها الأشكال المفلطحة والمخروطية الطويلة. يبلغ طول / عرض الفراولة القصيرة المخروطية النموذجية حوالي 0.9-1.1 والفراولة طويلة المخروطية 1.2-1.4

الفراولة المصرية

ما هي رائحة الفراولة الطازجة؟

.مزارعنا GEO FARMS رائحة الفراولة حلوة وخضراء وفاكهية وزبدانية لأننا نهتم بجودة الفاكهة لدي

مزارع الفراولة في مصر

جودة الفراولة المصرية

جودة المنتج مهمة جدًا بالنسبة لنا، ولهذا السبب ننتج الفراولة في المزارع العضوية لتلبية المعايير الأوروبية

ومن أجل تحقيق ذلك، تقوم جيو إكسبوتنج بزراعة الفراولة تحت أشعة الشمس الكاملة لإنتاج أكبر قدر من الفاكهة. ضع النباتات على مسافة تتراوح بين 12 إلى 18 بوصة. الفراولة ذاتية الخصوبة ولكنها تحتاج إلى النحل للتلقيح

أيضًا، المعلمات الشائعة لتحديد جودة ثمار الفراولة الطازجة في الدفيئة هي: (1) الحلاوة، (2) الحموضة، (3) الصلابة، (4) اللون، (5) الشكل، و (6) الحجم

:الأصناف المتاحة

جيو إكسبورتنج عضو في امكوكال وهي الجهة الوحيدة المسئولة عن متابعه والاشراف على مزارع الفراولة في مصر

  1. Florida
  2. Fortuna
  3. Festival

أحدث الشحنات من الفراولة المصرية

لقد كان تصدير الفراولة المصرية دائمًا هو شغفنا ولدينا تاريخ طويل من التعامل مع العديد من الدول المستوردة مثل أوروبا وإفريقيا ودول الخليج، والآن سنعرض شحناتنا الأخيرة وكيف نجهز تحميل الحاويات لدينا

بعض من فوائد الفراولة

تساعد مضادات الأكسدة في ثمار الفراولة على تقليل الإجهاد التأكسدي.

تقول دكتورة فولبي: "تكافح خلايانا باستمرار.الإجهاد التأكسدي من بيئتنا، والذي يساهم بشكل كبير في شيخوخة الخلايا والأمراض المزمنة".

ووفقًا لكليفلاند كلينك، تعمل مضادات الأكسدة، جزئيًا، من خلال تحييد الجذور الحرة، وهي جزيئات أكسجين غير مستقرة يمكنها إتلاف الخلايا وتسبب المرض. يمكن أن يكون الإجهاد التأكسدي ضارًا بصحة الإنسان - فقد يساهم في الإصابة بأمراض القلب والسرطان.

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Egyptian Fresh Strawberry

Egyptian Fresh Strawberry

Are Egyptian Strawberry good?

Egyptian Strawberry is a good source of carbohydrates, low in calories, and delicious, they are a good choice. Egypt strawberries have a higher vitamin C content compared to other citrus fruits.

We at GEO EXPORTING use our Quality Control and our Quality Assurance in order to export products representing EGYPT and our reputed name.

Some shed light on Strawberry appearance.

A strawberry is a small red fruit that is soft and juicy and has tiny yellow seeds on its skin.

What is the shape of the fresh strawberry fruit?

There are many shapes of the cultivated fresh strawberry fruit, including oblate and long-conic shapes. Typical short-conic strawberries have a length/width of about 0.9-1.1 and long-conic berries 1.2-1.4.


What is the smell of fresh strawberry?

 Our GEO FARMS Strawberry smells sweet, green, fruity, and buttery because we take care of our fruit Quality.

Fresh Egyptian Strawberry


  • Quality of the product is very important to us, so that is why we produce our Egyptian Strawberry on organic farms to meet European standards.
  • In order to achieve this, GEO EXPORTING plant Strawberries in full sun to produce maximum fruit. Space plants 12 to 18 inches apart. Strawberries are self-fertile but require bees for pollination.
  • Also, Common parameters for defining fruit quality of greenhouse fresh strawberry are: (1) sweetness, (2) acidity, (3) firmness, (4) color, (5) shape, and (6) size.

Available varieties:


  1. Florida
  2. Fortuna
  3. Festival

Recent Shipments of Egyptian fresh Strawberry

Exporting Egyptian Strawberries has always been our passion and we have a long history of dealing with many importing countries such as Europe, Africa, and Gulf countries, and now will slide show our recent shipments and how we prepare our container loading.

WhatsApp: +201112456632


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Producteur égyptien de citron

Producteur égyptien de citron

Contrôle qualité - Producteur égyptien de citron

Présentation du contrôle qualité entrant (IQC)

GEO EXPORTING à ce stade se concentre sur l'inspection du citron entrant en ce qui concerne la qualité, les exigences du client et les étalonnages.

Producteur égyptien de citron

Adalia Citron / EUREKA (A) Spécifications de la variété :

Citrus limon / Lemon / Citron


Classique juteuse, peau jaune vif avec chair jaune, moelle épaisse et blanche et contient peu de graines

Sans pesticides

Emplacement de la ferme à Rashid, Égypte


Avant la récolte de notre ferme

Capacité d’approvisionnement jusqu’à 5 000 MT

Présentation du contrôle qualité du processus d'entrée (IPQC) producteur de citron égyptien

Fait référence au contrôle de la qualité dans le processus d'entrée des matières premières, de la production et de l'emballage.

Nous faisons de même avec tous nos agrumes tels que les oranges Navel, les oranges Valencia, les mandarines et les pamplemousses.

et tous nos légumes tels que l'oignon doré, l'oignon rouge, l'oignon doré, l'ail, les patates douces, les carottes et les pommes de terre.
Regardez notre processus de lavage Adalia Lemon

L’IPQC pour notre Citron Bio met l’accent sur deux points clés :

  1. Vérification du premier produit d'un lot de la ligne de produits ou d'une ligne qui a changé de produit et établissement d'une norme de produit dans le département de production, et être l'un des principaux producteurs d'agrumes en Égypte.
  2. Les normes d'inspection du citron frais Adalia en production doivent être contrôlées sur la base du premier échantillon, ce qui signifie que tous les produits de la production officielle doivent répondre aux exigences du premier échantillon de notre citron frais et que les matières premières doivent être vérifiées comme étant correctes. avant le début de la production.
Producteur égyptien de citron

Frais Adalia Lemon / EUREKA (A) Grade

Est-ce l’une de nos meilleures cultures et la plus demandée ?

Le fruit a une croûte et une peau moyennement épaisses et fermes, avec un jus très acidulé et une peau huileuse et parfumée.

Producteur égyptien de citron


De notre ferme à notre station jusqu'à votre main

""GEO Slogan""

Et enfin notre Assurance Qualité sortante / OQA

Nous visons à exporter du citron biologique sans niveaux élevés de pesticides et en parfait état vers nos clients existants et potentiels. et,

En outre, nous pensons que le maintien d’une qualité élevée est la clé du succès commercial et pour faire de nous l’un des principaux producteurs égyptiens de citron.

GEO FARMS Brand From Egypt

Adalia Lemon

Producteur égyptien de citron

Grade A - Prime

TSCP Carton 15/16 kg

Marque ™ "GEO FARMS"



De notre ferme à notre station jusqu'à votre main

""GEO Slogan""

Expéditions récentes de notre citron

L'exportation de citron biologique égyptien a toujours été notre passion et nous avons une longue histoire de relations avec de nombreux pays importateurs tels que l'Europe, l'Afrique et les pays du Golfe, et nous allons maintenant montrer nos expéditions récentes et la manière dont nous préparons le chargement de nos conteneurs.


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Patate douce d'Egypte

La patate douce d'Egypte ou patate douce (Ipomoea batatas) est une plante dicotylédone qui appartient à la famille des liserons ou gloire du matin, les Convolvulaceae.

Contrôle qualité - Producteur égyptien de patates douces

Présentation du contrôle qualité entrant (IQC)

Un objectif clé de GEO EXPORTING à ce stade est la récolte des patates douces (légumes-racines) selon de nouvelles méthodes de récolte afin de minimiser les rayures sur la surface de la patate douce. Notre équipe inspecte également les patates douces entrantes pour s'assurer qu'elles répondent aux spécifications de nos clients et qu'elles sont de la bonne taille.

Patate douce d'Egypte

Plantation de variétés biologiques telles que :

Beauregard / Bellevue Patata


Les patates douces sont un gros légume-racine tubéreux au goût sucré et féculent qui gagne en popularité comme substitut de la pomme de terre et est également largement utilisé dans diverses cuisines culinaires.

Sans pesticides

Emplacement d'une ferme au Caire, Egypte


Avant la récolte de notre ferme

Capacité d’approvisionnement jusqu’à 9 500 MT.

Présentation de la patate douce d'Égypte pour le contrôle de la qualité du processus d'entrée (IPQC)

Fait référence au contrôle de la qualité dans le processus d'entrée des matières premières, de la production et de l'emballage.

Nous faisons de même avec tous nos légumes comme l'oignon rouge, l'oignon doré, l'ail, les carottes et les pommes de terre.

Patate douce d'Egypte

L'IPQC pour notre patate douce biologique met l'accent sur (2) méthodes de nettoyage :

  1. Patates douces non lavées
  2. Patates douces lavées

Patates / Sweet Potato douces non lavees

Patate douce d'Egypte

Nous utilisons le nettoyage à sec sans durcissement. Cela se fait parfois pour les clients qui souhaitent le faire.
lavage et séchage dans son pays, notamment pour les lieux proches transit moins de 12 jours Prévu
taux de dégâts autorisé de 10 %.

Patates / Sweet Potato douces lavees

Washing Egyptian Sweet potato by GEO FARMS

Lavé (nettoyage + séchage) pour conserver les pommes de terre pendant une durée de conservation supérieure à 60 jours en 5 étapes :

  1. Laver notre patate douce d'Egypte.
  2. Coupez la partie avant et la partie arrière qui transporte les bactéries et triez.
  3. 4/7 jours en salle de cure pour refermer toute blessure ou toute coupure.
  4. Après cela, nous procédons au tri.
  5. Processus de dimensionnement.

Beauregard Étape de nettoyage

Patate douce d'Egypte Producteur


De notre ferme à notre station jusqu'à votre main

""GEO Slogan""

Et enfin notre Assurance Qualité sortante / OQA

Nous visons à exporter des patates douces biologiques sans niveaux élevés de pesticides et en parfait état vers nos clients existants et potentiels. et,

En outre, nous pensons que le maintien d’une qualité élevée est la clé du succès commercial et pour faire de nous l’un des principaux producteurs de patates douces égyptiennes.

Bellevue Exportation de variétés vers l’Europe

Patate douce d'Egypte

Class 1 - Prime

6KG Open-Top Carton

De notre ferme à notre station jusqu'à votre main

""GEO Slogan""

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Spring Onions from Egypt

Egyptian Spring Onion has two Popular varieties which we will focus on in detail

Quality Control - Egyptian Spring Onion

Egyptian Spring Onion Photon

Egyptian Spring Onion Varieties


Fresh onion top exporter in egypt


Size of Bulb8 mm: 50mm
Length27 CM to 38 CM
PackingCarton OR Plastic Basket
Weight2 Gram / 2.5 / 3 / 4 /5 /6 Gram
ClassClass 1, According to European Standards
Egyptian Spring Onion

No. of Onions in a gap

  1. For Catering and Cooking, we use 14 Punch, 5 Bulb Per One Medium size.
  2. For Salad, we use 20 Punch small size bulb
  3. Bunches as per customer Request
Photo Spring Onion egypt export


Visual Appearance

Straight, erect leaves tightly wrapped around a central core, Firm, clean, well-rounded bulb, and clean roots.

Availability: October to mid of April

Our Recent Shipments

Benefits of Egyptian Spring Onion

It is beneficial to maintain a healthy immune system and a strong skin by eating Egyptian spring onions. In addition, they contain flavonoids, an antioxidant that may help prevent cancer and heart disease.

History of the Egyptian Onion

Because of their many layers, Spring Onions from Egypt were sacred to Egyptians, as the layers symbolized eternity. However, the onion’s origin isn’t really known, and it’s not certain that it came from Egypt.

Despite that, it’s believed that the Egyptian Onion originated in India or Pakistan and that Romans introduced it to Europe.

Some Highlights

  • Spring Onions from Egypt are quite beneficial for overall health
  • They are loaded with essential nutrients
  • They taste a little milder than the regular onions

Spring onions not only taste great but are also extremely healthy for the body. Commonly known as scallion or green onion. Both the green leafy part and the white bulb of the spring onion are edible. It tastes a little milder than the regular onion and can be cooked or eaten raw as well.

Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

In addition to being a great source of sulphur, spring onions from Egypt are also quite beneficial for your health. In addition to allyl sulphide, it contains flavonoids that protect against cancer and fight the enzymes that make cancer cells. Adding green onions to your diet will protect you against cancer and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Egyptian Sweet Potato

Egyptian Sweet Potato or sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the bindweed or morning glory family, Convolvulaceae.

Quality Control - Egyptian Sweet Potato Producer

Introducing Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

A key focus of GEO EXPORTING at this stage is harvesting sweet potatoes (Root vegetables) according to new harvesting methods to minimize scratches on the sweet potato surface. Our team also inspects incoming sweet potatoes to ensure that they meet the specifications of our clients and are the right size.


Planting Organic Varieties such as:

Beauregard / Bellevue Patata


Sweet potatoes are a large starchy sweet tasting tuberous root vegetable that is gaining increasing popularity as a potato substitute and is also widely used in various culinary cuisines.

Free from Pesticides

Farm Location in Cairo, Egypt


Before Harvest from our Farm

Supply ability up to 9,500 MT

Introducing Input Process Quality Control (IPQC) Egyptian Sweet Potato

Refers to quality control in the input process of raw materials, production, and packaging.

We do the same with all our vegetables such as Red Onion, Golden onion, Garlic, carrots, and Potatoes.

IPQC for our Organic Sweet Potato emphasizes (2) Cleaning Methods:

  1. Unwashed Potatoes
  2. Washed Potatoes

Unwashed Potatoes

We use Dry Cleaning without curing It is done sometimes for customers who want to do
washing and curing in his country, especially for nearby places transit less than 12 days Expected
permitted damage rate from 10 %.

Washed Potatoes

Washing Egyptian Sweet potato by GEO FARMS

Washed through (cleaning +curing) to save potatoes long a shelf life higher than 60 days through 5 Steps:

  1. Washing our Egyptian Sweet Potato.
  2. Cut the front part and the back part that carries the bacteria and sorting.
  3. 4/7 day at Curing room to close any injury or any cut.
  4. After that, we do the sorting process.
  5. Sizing process.

Beauregard Cleaning step

Sweet potato Producer


From Our Farm to our station to your Hand

""GEO Slogan""

And Finally our Outgoing Quality Assurance / OQA

We aim to export organic Sweet Potatoes without high pesticide levels and in perfect condition to our existing customers and potential as well. and,

Also, we believe that maintaining high Quality is the key to forward business success and to making us one of the top Egyptian Sweet Potato producers.

Bellevue Variety Export to Europe

Egyptian sweet potato Producer

Class 1 - Premium

6KG Open-Top Carton

From Our Farm to our station to your Hand

""GEO Slogan""

WhatsApp: +201112456632 I Email:

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