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Why all love carrots?

How to Grow Carrots?

Most gardeners find carrots challenging to grow, but everyone enjoys them when they are sweet and crunchy. and this due their full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support immunity; support heart, kidney, and liver health; and provide other health benefits, making them an excellent addition to your diet. 

They're low-calorie and versatile snacks, too. You can easily add carrots to your diet for a tasty and nutritious treat, like a healthier bread or dessert.

What makes us one of Egypt's leading carrot exporters?

Before we go through details about us, you must know that carrots consider a sensitive product to temperature and other factors and from here you will have to figure out some tools to defeat anything kill your quality.

At GEO EXPORTING Quality is Everything that is why we use innovated carrot`s lines with with Hydro-cooler system to extend the shelf life of the product and give it freshness at customer arrival.

Plus we do have a polished to give a smooth shape to the carrot.

Hydro-Cooled & Polished Carrots to Ireland


We match between Certificates and actual quality comments we receive from our existing & New customers.

When it comes to Quality we have to understand the volume of responsibility at our carrot facility starting from staff hygiene ending with loading carrots into the reefer containers.

Branded Carrot PP Bag from Egypt

Egyptian Carrots Sizer

In addition to using an "electronical carrot sizer machine," we have customized sizes based on instructions from our clients.

Carrots Packaging

We have 2 main carrots Packaging as follows:

Jumbo Bags

Our Jumbo Bags are custom made with treated materials that isolate moisture, water, and allow for exact air match. Jumbo weight up to 1500 MT per Jumbo and container takes 20 Jumbo inside.

10kg polypropylene "PP" Bags

Carrots Shelf Life

Our Carrots are Hydro-Cooled and Polished with advanced Polisher; we used to use those type of innovated methods to extend the shelf life of the carrots plus giving a freshness type upon arrival at our customers port. and here comes a huge question;

What is the difference between Hydro-Cooler & Pre-Cooling?

Hydro-Cooled Carrots

Generally Hydro-Cooler consider a main part of our machine as it gives each carrot the exact temperature needed and remove any unneeded humidity, that is why machine is so expensive in price because it do an accurate work.

High level of disinfection in food cooling.
The final quality of a perishable food product and its commercial lifespan are determined by the hygienic-sanitary conditions present in the process of handling and preserving it. The more microbiological load there is in the various phases on the food and on its surface, the faster its decomposition speed will be. Therefore, the quality of the water in the hydro-cooling (cold water jet tunnel) is also fundamental in determining the final quality of the product, as it is one of the final phases of the manipulation process. Ozone is used to achieve two main objectives:

Sprinkle the food with ozonated water to disinfect its surface reduce the microbiological load present in the recirculated water, which can constitute a hotbed of infection or in any case a volume of development of bacteria and germs.


Is refrigerator to get the required temperature needed for the carrots.

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