Fresh Vegetables/Bell pepper

Bell pepper- Capsicum

Red / Green / Orange / Yellow
GEO is one of the leading exported Bell Peppers in Egypt because it has wide experience in the field of fresh and frozen vegetables, that is why we care for the Quality to be always at our customer`s satisfaction.


The reason to benefit from importing Egyptian vegetables such as fresh Bell Peppers is that we follow European principles in order to obtain safe food that complies with those standards.
We have an integrated team that monitors the life cycle of the crop, starting with cultivation and how to use the appropriate fertilizers, and they reach your hands fresh and 100% natural.
As for packaging, we are committed to customer requirements and this is what makes us gain the trust of our customers by exporting Egyptian Capsicum.
Fresh Bell Peppera
  • Fresh Bell Peppera
  • Fresh Bell Peppera
  • Fresh Bell Peppera

Varieties: Bell pepper - Capsicum

HS Code: 070960

Origin: Egypt

Color: Red / Green / Orange / Yellow

Weight: 250 gm To 450 gm

Container Capacity: 40 (feet).


  • Cartons or Boxes.
  • Net Weight: 4 kgs / Gross Weight: 4.5 kgs
  • Or as per your requirements.

SEASON: Available all year round.

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