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About Egyptian Grapes

Table grapes is one of the most important fruit produced in Egypt, second only to citrus in terms of production quantities. Grape cultivation is spread geographically from Alexandria in the north to Aswan in the south, which – combined with the production of early and late-ripening grapes – enables the prolonged availability of fresh table grapes in the market from May to October. In MY 2020/2021, commercial table grape production in Egypt is forecast to reach 1.42 MMT while exports are estimated to reach 170,000 MT in MY 2020/2021. The European Union remains the major importer of Egypt table grapes.


GEO FARMS is a grapes brand which is part of GEO Exporting which is one of the largest egyptian grapes supplier fruit in Egypt.

We can provide any quantity of coded grapes.

In addition, our ISO 9001:2015 cert no. 21IQHG48M also ensures quality.

GEO has been working in the FRUIT export business since 2012.

As a company, we are keen to pay attention to quality in order to meet our customers' needs.

What makes us the most trusted Grape supplier in Egypt?

1. We own our Egyptian Grapes farm to deliver you high quality

We have a vast supply base of grapes suppliers in Egypt that can provide fruits products of any quantity and of the highest quality.

GEO FARMS are one of leading suppliers for exporting Grapes.

Egypt is different from the rest of the world because of the high quality of the product on the market and the availability of the product there.

2. The bulk order of Egyptian Grapes is under control

For large orders of grapes, whether shipped air or sea, we plant a total of 15 acres of grapes, which you can order in any quantity of the following types of grapes:

  1. Superior Seedless
  2. Thompson Seedless
  3. Red Globe Seeded
  4. Crimson Seedless
  5. Flame Seedless
  6. Autumn Royal Seedless

Want to know what kind of grapes are the most popular?

1- Our Lovely "Superior Seedless" grapes

Frosty Green Seedless egyptian grapes, round berries, fairly small to medium long, compact, comes sweeter while passing of middle of May.

Color: White/Green

Brix: +16

Calibration: 16-22 mm

Season: June to August of each year.

2- we love to share Our table Thompson Seedless grapes.

(SULTANA) Lady de Coverly, oval-fruited, firm grapes, round berries, sweet, juicy, especially tender skin.

Color: White/Green

Brix: +16

Calibration: 10-20 mm

Season: May to end of June of each year.

3- Red Globe grapes make a great addition to your table.

Famous for their large berry size and excellent shelf life. Sweet & crunchy, large round red berries and this type of grapes is great for salads.

Color: Blush red - Seeded

Brix: +16

Calibration: 22-30 mm

Season: July to August of each year.

4- amazing health benefit of Crimson Seedless grapes the fruit of life.

Generally, these egyptian grapes are a bit sweet, firm, and meaty, and the flavor in this variety of grape is most popular for exports because of their flavor. furthermore those grapes are medium sized, oval-shaped, and seedless.

Color: Blush red

Brix: +16

Calibration: 14-22 mm

Season: From July to september of each year.

5- You're going to love Flame grapes when they're in season.

Medium Sized clusters of large, sweet-tart, and Crunchy.

Color: Blush red

Brix: +18

Calibration: 16-22 mm

Season: From 15th May to July of each year

6- Autumn Royal takes you to the highest level of sweetness.

The berries of Autumn Royal seedless variety are larger than those from most other grape varieties.

Color: Black

Brix: +16

Season: From August to September of each year.

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