August 18, 2021


Export Fruits from Egypt

From Egypt, what fruits would you be able to import?

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Export Fruits

GEO exports high-quality fruits according to European standards and is ISO 9001 certified according to the ISO/IAS quality system.

The company exports own products which result in a high standard and best price for its clients.

We have had our new brand "GEO FARMS" since 2021 and this contains all fruits fresh and frozen which we produce and grow from our land.

Why to choose GEO Exporting as your exporting company From Egypt?

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Quality control starts when we grow the fruits and ends when we deliver them to our customers, Our team continually checks the quality of our export fruit, which is why you consider us as your exporter in Egypt. Additionally, we strictly follow the European specifications in order to ensure that our products are reliable.

When it comes to bulk deals, we have a sustainable network of farms and suppliers to make sure that our products are of a high standard.

Our products have also been exported to countries such as Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and even some in Africa.

We Export Fruits and we can provide The required Quantities of the Highest-Quality as we have been working In the export Market Since 2012 And We Have Enough Experience In That.

In Addition To Our Own Farms, We Use Our Suppliers In Case Of Bulk Quantities.

The Best Prices In The Market While Maintaining The Quality Are Always What We Provide.

Some of Fruits that we could afford

Pomegranate for Export


Specifications and details:

Our Pomegranate types: 116, Wonderful –  Baladi.

And Packed in 5kg in a Standard open top-Carton.

So, the Container 40 feet HC could have 17 tons.

20 Pallets in the container. ( we could do 21 pallets also).

And each Container contains 3400 Carton.

Egyptian Grapes to import now!

Prime Seedles

Thompson seedless

Red Globe - Seeded

Crimson seedless

Flame seedless

Autumn Royal Black seedless


Specifications and details:

Product Name: Grapes 

Varieties: Prime / Superior / Flame / Crimson / Red globe / Royal Autumn

Packing: Carton / Box Plastic Punnet

Unite Weight: 5 kg          

One Container 40 ft 12 Ton / 20 Pallet.

Orange for Export

Valencia Orange

Navel Orange


Specifications and details:

Varieties: Valencia Navel 

Packing: Carton / Box Plastic / Benz

Unite Weight: Net Weight 15 KG /Gross Weight 16 KG 

                       Net Weight 7 KG / Gross Weight 8 KG 

Shipping by sea: the Container 40 feet HC could have 17 tons.

Each Container contains 3200 Carton( Packing 2.5 kg ).

As always, we are ready for tomorrow while providing the best quality today.

GEO exporting complies with European international standards on a daily basis in the Egyptian market.

Please let us know when you are available, and we will be glad to assist.

Our Contact Details:


Phone: +201112456632 / +201123252720

General inquires:

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