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Spunta Potatoes

What is the export country?

EGYPT is the export country for French Fries Spunta Potatoes and grown by GEO FARMS.

Why to import Egyptian potatoes (Pomme de Terre)?

There are 6 Different reasons makes you import our Egyptian Spunta potatoes as follows;

Our Spunta Potatoes' environment and planting methods make it suitable for fries and provide you with crunchy french fries.

While all sorts of potatoes are delicious when roasted in the oven, SPUNTA potatoes are arguably the best potatoes for roasting for many reasons. SPUNTA have the perfect amount of starch, which means they soften well in the oven, while their partially waxy texture helps them maintain their shape.

The crispness and endurance are insane, and these french fries are still crispy even after they’ve gone cold.

Our Spunta Potatoes can be stored at room temperature for 3 months and in reefer storage with good ventilation for up to 6 months, this is the SECRET of our Product.

People always say that; Eyes eat before mouth, and this happens with our Spunta Pomme de terre (Patats).

The tubers are large, long-oval, very uniform with excellent taste. The color of the skin and flesh is deep yellow. High dry matter content.

We ship our SPUNTA Potatoes to Many countries in GCC, and Africa countries such as;

Angola, Benin, Somalia land, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Costa Rika, congo, Gabon, Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa, Oman, united arab emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Container Capacity:

When it comes to the capacity of a container it depends on many different factors such as; destination distance, transit period, and humidity plus ventilation. In general, our Pomme de Terre (Potatoes) container takes around 29 Metric tons.

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