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Egyptian Sweet Potato

Egyptian Sweet Potato or sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the bindweed or morning glory family, Convolvulaceae.

Quality Control - Egyptian Sweet Potato Producer

Introducing Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

A key focus of GEO EXPORTING at this stage is harvesting sweet potatoes (Root vegetables) according to new harvesting methods to minimize scratches on the sweet potato surface. Our team also inspects incoming sweet potatoes to ensure that they meet the specifications of our clients and are the right size.


Planting Organic Varieties such as:

Beauregard / Bellevue Patata


Sweet potatoes are a large starchy sweet tasting tuberous root vegetable that is gaining increasing popularity as a potato substitute and is also widely used in various culinary cuisines.

Free from Pesticides

Farm Location in Cairo, Egypt


Before Harvest from our Farm

Supply ability up to 9,500 MT

Introducing Input Process Quality Control (IPQC) Egyptian Sweet Potato

Refers to quality control in the input process of raw materials, production, and packaging.

We do the same with all our vegetables such as Red Onion, Golden onion, Garlic, carrots, and Potatoes.

IPQC for our Organic Sweet Potato emphasizes (2) Cleaning Methods:

  1. Unwashed Potatoes
  2. Washed Potatoes

Unwashed Potatoes

We use Dry Cleaning without curing It is done sometimes for customers who want to do
washing and curing in his country, especially for nearby places transit less than 12 days Expected
permitted damage rate from 10 %.

Washed Potatoes

Washing Egyptian Sweet potato by GEO FARMS

Washed through (cleaning +curing) to save potatoes long a shelf life higher than 60 days through 5 Steps:

  1. Washing our Egyptian Sweet Potato.
  2. Cut the front part and the back part that carries the bacteria and sorting.
  3. 4/7 day at Curing room to close any injury or any cut.
  4. After that, we do the sorting process.
  5. Sizing process.

Beauregard Cleaning step

Sweet potato Producer


From Our Farm to our station to your Hand

""GEO Slogan""

And Finally our Outgoing Quality Assurance / OQA

We aim to export organic Sweet Potatoes without high pesticide levels and in perfect condition to our existing customers and potential as well. and,

Also, we believe that maintaining high Quality is the key to forward business success and to making us one of the top Egyptian Sweet Potato producers.

Bellevue Variety Export to Europe

Egyptian sweet potato Producer

Class 1 - Premium

6KG Open-Top Carton

From Our Farm to our station to your Hand

""GEO Slogan""

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