Egyptian Fresh Strawberry

Egyptian Fresh Strawberry

Are Egyptian Strawberry good?

Egyptian Strawberry is a good source of carbohydrates, low in calories, and delicious, they are a good choice. Egypt strawberries have a higher vitamin C content compared to other citrus fruits.

We at GEO EXPORTING use our Quality Control and our Quality Assurance in order to export products representing EGYPT and our reputed name.

Some shed light on Strawberry appearance.

A strawberry is a small red fruit that is soft and juicy and has tiny yellow seeds on its skin.

What is the shape of the fresh strawberry fruit?

There are many shapes of the cultivated fresh strawberry fruit, including oblate and long-conic shapes. Typical short-conic strawberries have a length/width of about 0.9-1.1 and long-conic berries 1.2-1.4.

Fresh Festifave Strawberry from Egypt GEO FARMS

What is the smell of fresh strawberry?

 Our GEO FARMS Strawberry smells sweet, green, fruity, and buttery because we take care of our fruit Quality.

Fresh Egyptian Strawberry


Available varieties:


  1. Florida
  2. Fortuna
  3. Festival

Recent Shipments of Egyptian fresh Strawberry

Exporting Egyptian Strawberries has always been our passion and we have a long history of dealing with many importing countries such as Europe, Africa, and Gulf countries, and now will slide show our recent shipments and how we prepare our container loading.

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