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Export Fruits – Which Fruits You Could Import From Egypt?

6 Reasons To Import Fruits From Egypt

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Why should you import fruits from Egypt?

Egypt is a big market in the agriculture of fruits and vegetables because it has a Nile River, plus its fertile land and mild atmosphere make it suitable for many crops.

Egypt fruits top exporter

Egyptian exporter of Fresh & Frozen Fruits.

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GEO is one of the leading suppliers in egypt for exporting fresh fruits, Our team strives daily to comply with European standards, therefore we care for the internal management and quailty control for our products along with the appearance and Quality of the outer Packing of our products. we are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

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1- High Quality

Egyptian crops are characterized by high quality because they are grown and monitored by the latest international regulations and European standards
Our company is keen to be products exported abroad add to the reputation of the Egyptian product
It is also keen to select the best types of vegetables and fruits after being examined by the Ministry of Agriculture laboratories of Egypt.

2- The price Quotation we provide gives a reason to import from us!

Our prices have less overhead costs compared to other companies, that is because we buy bulk numbers of cartons and purchase all necessary materials in Bulk to get discounted prices for high-quality materials.

for several reasons including that we do not put a large profit margin on our products
And because we also work with a policy work more earn more and this policy is very profitable with us

3- We Could Afford Any Quantities

We can provide the required quantities in the agreed time due to our experience in the field of export and because we have a huge supplier base all over Egypt
Which can supply any quantities we require
We also work with many filling stations which have a good reputation and most importantly for us and then with different capacities.
And yes also with many freezing lines which have a good reputation as well and we prefer to work with IQF freezing

4- Why You Should Import From Us?!

GEO is working in the field of exporting since 2012 for exporting fresh, Frozen fruits and vegetables.
Also, we have our farms in northern Egypt and for 14 years we have grown almost all crops.
During this duration, we have built our trust with some countries' importers for some of our products.
And we have a large base of suppliers all over Egypt and are working to increase them.
We choose our suppliers very carefully.

Also we are dealing with many export terminals and freezing lines with different production capacity to suit all our customers.
We also reclaim land and cultivate crops for export on the latest global farming systems in an effort to raise the quality of our products and to provide the best price for our customers.

5- What We Will Do For You

After agreeing with us on our terms and conditions and start work you will find our prices are not comparable due to our experience in the Egyptian market and because we have many suppliers in all brands and known for good reputation
You will find our position and credibility in dealing and that we want you also.
Also, you will find full commitment in dealing, also we are seeking for a sustainable relationship wtih you.

6- What Types of Fruits You Could Import From Egypt?

There’re many types of crops you could import.

Egyptian fruit is characterized by a global reputation in quality due to its distinctive taste.



For large orders of grapes, whether shipped air or sea, we plant a total of 15 acres of grapes, which you can order in any quantity of the following types of grapes:

  1. Superior Seedless
  2. Thompson Seedless
  3. Red Globe Seeded
  4. Crimson Seedless
  5. Flame Seedless
  6. Autumn Royal Seedless

1- Our Lovely "Superior Seedless" grapes

Frosty Green Seedless egyptian grapes, round berries, fairly small to medium long, compact, comes sweeter while passing of middle of May.

Color: White/Green

Brix: +16

Calibration: 16-22 mm

Season: June to August of each year.

2- we love to share Our table Thompson Seedless grapes.

(SULTANA) Lady de Coverly, oval-fruited, firm grapes, round berries, sweet, juicy, especially tender skin.

Color: White/Green

Brix: +16

Calibration: 10-20 mm

Season: May to end of June of each year.

3- Red Globe grapes make a great addition to your table.

Famous for their large berry size and excellent shelf life. Sweet & crunchy, large round red berries and this type of grapes is great for salads.

Color: Blush red - Seeded

Brix: +16

Calibration: 22-30 mm

Season: July to August of each year.

4- amazing health benefit of Crimson Seedless grapes the fruit of life.

Generally, these egyptian grapes are a bit sweet, firm, and meaty, and the flavor in this variety of grape is most popular for exports because of their flavor. furthermore those grapes are medium sized, oval-shaped, and seedless.

Color: Blush red

Brix: +16

Calibration: 14-22 mm

Season: From July to september of each year.

5- You're going to love Flame grapes when they're in season.

Medium Sized clusters of large, sweet-tart, and Crunchy.

Color: Blush red

Brix: +18

Calibration: 16-22 mm

Season: From 15th May to July of each year

6- Autumn Royal takes you to the highest level of sweetness.

The berries of Autumn Royal seedless variety are larger than those from most other grape varieties.

Color: Black

Brix: +16

Season: From August to September of each year.




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