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Egyptian Lemon Producer

Egyptian Lemon Producer

Quality Control - Egyptian Lemon Producer

Introducing Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

GEO EXPORTING at this stage focuses on the inspection of incoming Lemon with regard to quality, Client Requirements, and calibrations.

Lemon Producer in Egypt

Adalia Lemon EUREKA (A) Variety Specifications:

Citrus limon / Lemon / Citron


Juicy classic, bright yellow skin with yellow flesh, thick, white pith, and contains few seeds

Free from Pesticides

Farm Location in Rashid, Egypt


Before Harvest from our Farm

Supply ability up to 5,000 MT

Introducing Input Process Quality Control (IPQC) Egyptian Lemon Producer

Refers to quality control in the input process of raw materials, production, and packaging.

We do the same with all our citrus such as Navel Oranges, Valencia Oranges, Mandarins, and Grapefruit.

and all our vegetables such as Golden Onion, Red Onion, Golden onion, Garlic, Sweet Potatoes, carrots, and Potatoes.

Watch our Adalia Lemon washing process

IPQC for our Organic Lemon emphasizes two key points:

  1. Verification of the first product of a batch from the product line or a line that has switched products and establishment of product standard in the production department, and to be one of the top citrus producers in Egypt.
  2. The inspection standards for Fresh Adalia Lemon in production shall be controlled based on the first sample, meaning that all of the products in the official production shall meet the requirements for the first sample of our Fresh Lemon and that the raw materials shall be verified as correct before the production begins.
Adalia Lemon

Fresh Adalia Lemon / EUREKA (A) Grade

Is one of our best crops and the most demanded

The fruit has a medium-thick, firm rind and skin, with very tart juice and a fragrant, oily peel.

Egyptian Lemon Producer


From Our Farm to our station to your Hand

""GEO Slogan""

And Finally our Outgoing Quality Assurance / OQA

We aim to export organic lemon without high pesticide levels and in perfect condition to our existing customers and potential as well. and,

Also, we believe that maintaining high Quality is the key to forward business success and to making us one of the top Egyptian Lemon producers.

GEO FARMS Brand From Egypt

Adalia Lemon

Egyptian Lemon Producer

Grade A - Premium

TSCP Carton 15/16 kg

Brand Name ™ "GEO FARMS"



From Our Farm to our station to your Hand

""GEO Slogan""

Recent Shipments of our Lemon

Exporting Egyptian Organic Lemon has always been our passion and we have a long history of dealing with many importing countries such as Europe, Africa, and Gulf countries, and now will slide show our recent shipments and how we prepare our container loading.


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